Kali Panantukan

"Combat Flow"

Unlock the secrets to the fluid, yet formidable Filipino Martial Art known as Panantukan!

This system combines Western Boxing with brutal Limb Destructions, Body Manipulations, Joint Locks, Takedowns, Sweeps, Dirty Tricks, and Devastating Strikes!

This course on will teach you how to flow in combat while overwhelming your opponent with seamless, devastating techniques!

Flesh out your fighting skills with this virtually unknown martial art that's a beautiful as it is deadly!

  • Destroy you attacker's punches
  • Learn fight ending combinations
  • Off balancing techniques & body manipulations
  • Build string fighting foundation
  • Lessons taught at "learning" pace
  • 40 min of bonus seminar footage!

Guided by certifed intsructor under the legends Dan Inosanto and Rick Faye, you'll embark on a transformative journey, mastering techniques steeped in centuries of heritage.

Now it's your turn to dive deep into this amazing martial art and make it part of your own unique combat system!